You will get Shadowlands Gladiator Enhanced Bundle which includes achievement, mount and the title. For this service, only the Piloted Boosting Method is available.
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We will get your character to Gladiator (2400 3v3 + 50 wins) with account sharing. The service will be completed through a specific VPN for higher safety.

However, Gladiator pilots have a suspension risk and we want you to be fully aware of this; for this reason, it is preferred to discuss the service with our support on Discord first at zitnik#5942. Our goal is to let you purchase this service if a booster has already been found and if we are sure that you know of the suspension risk. 

In general, we still sell the service because there are many cases where everything went fine, a booster was found and there was no suspension.

If you are on high rating (1800+), you can contact us on Discord for a discount. However, some customers choose to pay the full price to have the maximum possible priority – the demand is higher than the supply!

Read below for many more details on pricing, ETA, and requirements.


EU / US Region and 240+ item level.

More details:
1) Gladiator pilots bring an ACCOUNT SUSPENSION RISK. No matter which kind of security is used, they can trace different keybinds, addons, and more. If they want, they will catch you; and generally they do check the ladder through the season. Our Safecarry specific VPN will help but it really is NOT bulletproof. The risks are lower for low rating services, but above 2000 the risk grows quite a lot.

2) The suspensions we have seen are mostly of 1 month. They can be of 6 months in case of repeated offenses.

3) There are a lot of cases where Blizzard hasn’t caught previous customers or, even if they did issue suspensions, they did not take away the title or the mount. This is absolutely random and there is no explanation.

4) If you get caught, we are unable to issue a refund as the service is considered to be completed.

5) The availability for Piloted Arena services is generally low. Completing a Pilot brings a higher risk for the booster (the penalties are usually far higher for boosters) and they will lose a geared character that they could use for Coaching/Selfplays instead. Therefore, Arena Pilots are generally doable by people who have partners who are willing to account share with them AND by good PvPers who have no interest or ‘talent’ in working with people in the Coaching industry. The result is that the supply is low.

6) Some statistics for Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands so far: Out of 10 requests, for example, we sold and completed 7. Out of these, 4 were caught and 3 were not caught. However, in those 4 that were caught, only two customers lost the mount but they kept the achievement. It does not make much sense, sadly.

7) Refund and ETA Rules:
– The ETA of completion for a geared character, in the second half of the season with some rating inflation, from 0 to Gladiator can be roughly 2-3 weeks.
– Express and Super Express options give you a lot of priority and they allow us to complete the order faster, as we will pay the boosters a lot more. However, this applies to the ETA of the order in the second half of the season; purchasing these options does not allow us to complete a Gladiator in one week at the start of a season, for example, simply because the ladder has to inflate before Gladiator pilots are easy and quick to do.
– Due to the low supply and high demand in this market, a slow ETA cannot qualify you for a cash refund as long as the order is completed (Express / Super Express extra costs can always be refunded of course). Although you could expect some compensations from our support team at our discretion.
– You can always ask for a cash refund if we have not assigned your service yet as per your consumer rights.
– If your order is assigned but not completed by the end of the season, you will obviously receive a cash refund.
– If your order is completed and a Blizzard action hits your account, we cannot be obliged to issue a refund.


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