RavenScript 30 Days



Actually the analystic world is evolving day by day, online gaming too.

On internet you can find 3 types of platforms:

  • Internal: Performance without limits, nothing to compare to others.
  • External memory read: Reads in local all your champ data
  • External Pixelbots: Takes screenshots that are analyzed


We aim to the safety of the game and our customers so you will have these functions in our platform:

  • Orbwalker: Combo, Laneclear, LastHit, Harass, Flee, Kite, Poke
  • Evade: Humanized or Godlike mode makes is UNBELIEVABLE!
  • Activator: With this you are safe everytime, everywhere
  • Champion Logic: All champions are supported
  • Multilanguage: Use the platform in your language!
  • Drawings: With the new beta stage, we also introduced drawings for dx11
  • BaseULT: Yeah dude, we also have that feature too
  • Custom AutoLoLs.ini: We dont aim to charge anyone for our work, we just want you to be a member in our family and enjoy it.

Since the release we are working hard every second of every minute of every hour of my life to make it undetected.

All the update will follow a beta stage firstly for make it sure for all

  • SPACE: Combo mode
  • V: Laneclear mode
  • C: Harass/LastHit mode
  • T: Flee
  • K: Disable Evade
  • SHIFT: Open menu in game if you are using version with drawings
  • F5: To hide all drawings if you are using version with drawings and want to stream


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