League of legends Platform

RavenScript | #1 LoL Script Updated for 2022 | Offering a Internal League of Legends Script which is 100% Undetected on All Servers!

We aim to the safety of the game and our customers so you will have these functions in our platform:

  • Orbwalker: Combo, Laneclear, LastHit, Harass, Flee, Kite, Poke
  • Evade: Humanized or Godlike mode makes is UNBELIEVABLE!
  • Activator: With this you are safe everytime, everywhere
  • Champion Logic: All champions are supported
  • Multilanguage: Use the platform in your language!
  • Drawings: With the new beta stage, we also introduced drawings for dx11
  • BaseULT: Yeah dude, we also have that feature too
  • Custom AutoLoLs.ini: We dont aim to charge anyone for our work, we just want you to be a member in our family and enjoy it.

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