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League of Legends team executes flawless wombo combo, grabs an ace in ARAM

League of Legends players love wombo combos.

One of the better ones we’ve seen this year comes courtesy of a Reddit user called znat. In a video posted by the player, his team pulls off a flawless CC chain.

Znat’s squad is comprised of Sona, Ekko, Darius, Nami, and Tahm Kench. On paper, you might think that the perfect CC chain includes the ultimate ability of the first of the mentioned champions. But that’s not the case.

The action starts with Ekko’s Parallel Convergence (W). The Boy Who Shattered Time lands it on three enemies underneath their second-tier tower. When the skill hit, the champ has already entered the anomaly space, stunning his opponents.

The circumstances are ideal for Tahm Kench to join the fray. The River King uses his Abyssal Dive (W) right when Ekko’s stun lands, naturally targeting his already immobilized opponents. He hits all three of them, as well as Nasus, who tries to desperately save his teammate.

Unfortunately for him, it was too late. Tahm Kench’s ability ends up eliminating Xayah, leaving the rest of the trio low on health and ready and waiting to die. At this point, the enemy team is probably thinking about disengaging from the fight. But Nami’s Tidal Wave (R) comes in and adds insult to injury, knocking up the rest of the squad.

Darius then swings in and lands the finishing blows.

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