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WoW Classic

At the Burning Crusade Classic release we ready to offer the best TBC boosting services: 1-70 power level, raids & dungeon boost, reputation grinding, rare mounts farm & much more.

Lost Ark

Professional boosting services in Lost Ark: 1-50 power leveling, item level boosts, Abyss dungeons & raids, pirate coins, Una’s dailies & much more.

Diablo Series

Get various rifts or set dungeon runs! Any Diablo carries at your disposal. Fast Powerleveling, bounty caches farm, legendaries, and other services in Diablo 3, Diablo Immortal & Diablo 4.

Apex Legends

Fast and Professional Apex Boosting service from the top team of Apex Predators. All services from fast rating boosting to acc leveling and wins farm available at Boosthive.


Professional D2 boosting services. Get anything a true Guardian needs. Buy pinnacle weapons, godrolls, PvP & PvE carry, ultimate raid armor sets to dominate your opponents.

Mobile Legends

Extremely skillful MLBB boosting services. From Calibration to the Mythic ranks with a professional booster! Achievements and win rates carry together with 30 more services.

Path of Exile

Professional Path of Exile boosting services in new League and Standard modes. Get cheap Exalted & Chaos orbs, power level character up to 100, obtain powerful builds, and many other services. Safe trading and fast delivery.

New World

Buy top-rated secured New World boosting services. In-game coaching & carries from professional players. 100% guaranteed results.

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