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Gold-Making Suggestions for Retail and TBC WoW – Wowhead Economy Weekly Wrap-Up 209

Hello! Welcome to the 209th edition of the WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-up!

My name is Samadan and I am a content creator focusing on making gold using Professions and TSM. I have a number of guides over on YouTube.

Table of Contents

Prep for 9.2

The 9.2 PTR development is in full swing and much of the core concepts and content have been in place already with the basics of materials and professions already discussed. The Mage Tower event is now over and many gold makers will be wondering what to do next between now and 9.2 as asked by u/altDarthNihlus317 …I was curious, what is the best thing to farm/do to prep to sell things in the beginning of 9.2?This is going to be a lull period for many when it comes to WoW in general and has an impact on gold making as well. Now is the perfect time to tie up loose ends, collect some missing items and see what you can buy in preparation for the next spike.LinkManthieus said:There is still a lot of questions that have not been answered about the new patch. We do not know how we learn the new recipies/patterns, when we will have access to them, or even the final material needs to craft them.
With so little information about 9.2 from a profession/goldmaking/econony standing I am recommending people keep doing whatever is currently working and look to the past 2 major patches for ideas.

  • Crafters Mark gear will be BIG for those who access them first.
  • Rank 7 Legendarys will be BIG for those able to craft first.
  • New Materials will be BIG in the early days until prices stabalise
  • New Raid = Higher demand for consumables.

Getting your characters ‘Ready’ for the patch is good use of your time currently. I for one and attempting to have Renown 80, and 9.1 campaign complete even on crafting alts.I think these predictions are spot on for 9.2 and the major aspects of gold making with professions. I’d also add that any of the niche utility Optional Reagent recipes will be good to go for especially if they have out of the way unlocks that others might avoid. We don’t know yet and being prepared by having everything unlocked on all crafting alts will be time well spent I think.

There is also prep to be made in stockpiling materials ready to craft the legendaries or other items that may need current content materials as well as the new ones. Typically, prices are at their lowest now, but I have a feeling they will stay relatively in demand as people farm less and those that want to stockpile will snap up any bargains.LinkHermiona1 said:I would say materials for legendary crafting, including Korthrite Crystals. SL ore and herbs in general.

If you still want to get into legendary market in 9.2 this would be the time to get started although its a huge investment and you will lose a lot of gold.

Leveling alts now is a good idea if you want to use multiple professions and probably catching them up on the campaign (well I’m not sure how exactly this is gonna work but to go to Korthia you had to do a couple of quests). Gearing them up a little is not a bad idea although there will be probably ways to get some easy catch up gear.

But its also a great time to catch a break, reset the batteries and come into 9.2 with a fresh mind.If you are considering getting into the Legendary market before 9.2 and haven’t done already, Manthieus has a video here going through the costs involved…
2 million gold is a lot, but bear in mind this is just to get through Rank 1 on everything. The suggestion here being that Jewelcrafting focus first and then expand further as you earn back some of your gold is a pretty sound strategy depending on your server and competition. I myself am in a similar position and make the very occasional sale of a Rank 4 JC item here on Shadowsong which ticks me slowly closer to the higher ranks.

We don’t know when 9.2 will arrive. Mr. GM predicts February 8th, which would be nice as it’s only a month away. Some say later in March, it won’t be long I’m sure until we find out exactly.

Now is the perfect time to get those alts up to speed, collect any missing recipes, hoard some materials or even just take a break and recharge. Whatever you do, make sure it’s fun and fulfilling.

TBC Goldmaking Strategies

Over on the classic side of things, gold making continues in a very different path compared to what we are now used to in retail. u/NOHITJEROME has put together a fantastic list of suggestions for TBC …Hi goldmakers,

I wanted to make a post showing some of my favorite Burning Crusade goldmaking methods. Black Temple is coming, as well as one of the two best arena seasons in the expansion. If you want to play TBC at a high level, you’ll need lots of gold for professions, enchants and supplies. Here are some of my favorite TBC goldmaking strategies:

  • Mote farming is amazing gold right now (shoutout to the Nice guild for showing me a really good one – the Mote of Shadow farm in Hellfire Peninsula near Void Ridge is a hyperspawn. (or close to it) The mobs can be grouped up and killed and will respawn within a minute or so. Easily 300 gold per hour and the Primal Shadows that you get are great for Shadow Resistance gear. Prices seem to be going up, so lots of profit to be made here. Alternatively, you can fly around zones like Zangarmarsh and extract up to a few hundred gold per hour worth of motes.
  • Dungeon farming and boosting is a great way to make gold as well. With Wrath of the Lich King on the horizon and no requirements left for raiding, a lot of people are making alts. Learning a boost like the Slave Pens boost or some of the more unique boosts like Mana Tombs can be extremely profitable. Not to forget the pre-60 dungeons like Scarlet Monastery and Stratholme. This is one of the absolute best times to be a Mage or Paladin booster, but you can also boost pretty easily with a friend in most of the TBC dungeons with a duo like Warrior + Shaman.
  • GDKPs (raids where each drop is solid and the profits are given to the raiders) are one of the most popular ways to make gold right now. The raids are much more doable now with the recent nerfs and the majority of the population still doesn’t have most gear from Lady Vashj and Kael’Thas. There’s an easy 1,000 to 2,000 gold per week to be made doing GDKPs, especially if you can organize one yourself, tank or top the meters.
  • Auction House flips continue to be an amazing way to make gold. Vendor shuffles will always generate solid gold per day, such as buying out Runecloth / Netherweave cloth and turning it into bandages to vendor. There are plenty of Classic flips that still work in TBC as well. I’ve made a spreadsheet for Classic that may be of interest in TBC: Profession shuffles are still absolutely fantastic as well, such as my personal favorite, the Jaggal Pearl to Purified Jaggal Pearl flip. Disenchanting flips will always be profitable, as well, and it’s worth noting that many people will be training their Enchanting for the new arena season, so prices should be going up.
  • Dailies are a great source of raw gold, with an optimized route easily netting 70 gold in about 45 minutes. It’s definitely worth doing some of the easy dailies, especially the daily Battleground win, since it’ll help you to get honor for PvP gear as well. I posted an efficient daily guide on this subreddit a few months ago and it’s still highly efficient. Remember that Netherwing dailies are coming very soon and will completely change the daily game. It will be easy to make 150+ gold per day just from dailies in the Black Temple / Hyjal patch.
  • Professions in general are excellent gold. If you are able to do any number of convenience based profession flips, you will be able to make plenty of gold. Cloth cooldowns are still profitable and there’s plenty of gold to be made in all sorts of flips, like creating Engineering supplies and Blacksmithing supplies, potions, etc. Supply arbitrage is always a great goldmaker, for example, cross-checking the prices of Copper Ore and Bars or the price of Netherweave Cloth and Bolts. Convenience is a huge plus for most people when training professions, so look for where there will be bulk items purchased and wedge yourself firmly into the middle of those transactions. Also, don’t forget Fishing is a solid (and relaxing) goldmaker.

Honorable mentions:

  • Quests (once you hit 70 on your alts, don’t forget to catch up on quests for free gold)
  • Deploying the 110G Repair Bots can be profitable depending on your server, as the Scrolls are valuable.
  • Heroic dungeons give plenty of Badges, which will allow you to purchase Primal Nethers in the BT / Hyjal Phase 3 patch. These Nethers can be used to print plenty of gold with professions.
  • Enchanting is still a great goldmaker, but you’ll need to have a huge variety of recipes available and plenty of free time.
  • Jewelcrafting can be profitable provided you have the right recipes. In the past, there was plenty of arbitrage available for JCs with plenty of free time, but your mileage may vary. There are some new interesting mechanics with BT/Hyjal, such as Brilliant Glass finally being able to give out Epic Gems. This means that low quality Green gemstones are actually useful. In theory, Brilliant Glass created now will still have the ability to give out Epic gems when the patch drops.
  • GBid runs, similar to GDKPs, are a hybrid of a normal pickup group (PUG) with the exception of certain big ticket items being auctioned off. Proceeds can go directly to you and the core group that you form the run with.
  • Arena boosting is a massive (but controversial) goldmaker. Though only a few people do it, there is no denying that Season 3 will feature a large amount of gold arena boosting.
  • The free bag of gems each month from Consortium rep will include an Epic gem in the next phase if you are Exalted reputation. This should easily be 250-400 free gold per month depending on your server and which gem you get.
  • Scholomance for Dark Runes is excellent gold right now, remember that Dark Runes will only go up in price in the next phases.

What is your favorite way to make gold in TBC?Thankyou for sharing these Jerome. This really goes to show how far apart Retail and Classic have become yet at the core is a love of professions and adding value to players. If I had the time, I would certainly be playing both right now!

If you are interested in flipping on the Auction House in TBC, I highly recommend the series by NicB ..

Further Reading

Most of this information was discussed and originally posted on the /r/woweconomy subreddit or in the accompanying Discord Server.

I hope you found this useful and If you have any suggestions or feedback, please do say so in the comments below..

Until next time, Happy Goldmaking!


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