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Encrypted Mythic+ Affix Explained (Season 3 Affix) – Choose Your Own Group Buffs

The Season 3 Affix boost wow, Zitnikboost Encrypted allows you to choose what buff your group will receive as a reward multiple times throughout the dungeon. Does your group want a massive amount of movement speed and a 10 second stealth, some cooldown reduction, or a Haste buff?

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New Automa Added to Packs

When the boost wow, Zitnikboost Encrypted affix is active, three relics are added to various packs throughout the dungeon and all bosses. These relics will activate when you engage in combat with the pack and have very little health.

The Relics

One of each relic is placed into pre-existing packs and all bosses in the dungeon. The relics have very little health but have some effects while they are alive.

boost wow, Zitnikboost

The relevant buff is removed when the relic dies. Which one you kill first is important and we describe this below.

The Buffs

The three relics each correspond to a specific buff depending on which relic you kill first.

  • By killing the Urh Relic first, your reward will be  Decrypted Urh Cypher. 150% movement speed buff for 45 seconds, and Stealth for 10 seconds.
  • By killing the Wo Relic first, your reward will be  Decrypted Wo Cypher. 20% increased Haste for 45 seconds.
  • By killing the Vy Relic first, your reward will be  Decrypted Vy Cypher. 25% increased cooldown rate for 45 seconds.

If you’re fighting a boss, you probably don’t need the movement speed and Stealth so you’ll probably want to kill Wo first for Haste, or Vy for Cooldown Reduction. If you’re fighting a trash pack and want to skip after, you may want to kill Urh first as you can skip a lot of things.

Here is a video of the buff when you defeat the Urh relic, and can use the buff to skip past many many mobs!

The Automa

The first relic killed will also determine which of the Automa you will need to fight in order to receive your reward. Once all three relics have been defeated, the relevant automa will spawn.

The automa only have one or two mechanics, and aren’t very deadly.

boost wow, Zitnikboost

Killing the Automa will give reward you with the relevant buff for 45 seconds!

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